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FBA Prep Service of Supply Amazon

Free Service

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Free For all following services
  • Product sourcing, get quotes from suppliers.
  • Consult on project cost, manufacturing solutions.
  • Arrange product samples, customize samples.
  • Consult on import-export, compliance certifications, etc.

Pro Plan

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4-8% By paying service fee, you can enjoy all the following services
  • Follow up production.
  • Customize products and packagings.
  • Offer FBA lable/private-label solutions.
  • Free product photography for eCommerce.
  • Free general quality inspection.
  • Free warehouse 2 months.
  • Arrange delivery via air, sea, courier freight.

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3% By paying service fee, you can enjoy all the following services
  • Free general quality inspection.
  • Free warehouse 1 month.
  • Arrange delivery via air, sea, courier freight.

SA Helps you Expand your Amazon Business and Import Goods from China

Product Sourcing​

Because of language barriers and huge cultural differences, it may be difficult for you to communicate with Chinese suppliers, SA can help you find reliable supplies and provide you products with competitive prices and good quality.

Sample Service

Given the first cooperation, if necessary, we can send you free samples. In addition, we can also send you physical pictures and videos of the products so that you can check the quality of the products.

Storage And Warehouse​

Our warehouse is 10000 square meters in size, which is sufficiently large to accommodate your purchased goods. That enables fast delivery from China, consolidates goods, facilitates the adjustment of FBA inventory, and reduces storage costs, we can provide you with a free warehouse for 1 month.

Ship Service​

Generally, your packages will be shipped out via FBA dedicated line (DDP included, door to door service) or preferred faster delivery providers such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS extra fee will be charged for DDP. Our dedication to excellence means almost no rejected shipments due to non-compliance information. No headache for you! (Courier, sea freight, etc, are also available)

Repackage Service

If you want to make private label products, customize nice packaging with your brands, even if you just order small quantities, we also will contact professional printing factories who can complete printing based on your design at a cost-effective price.

Product Inspection

To ensure products are made according to your requirements, our qualified inspection team will follow up the production and check the products’ quality concerning the product specifications, the color of the packaging box, logo presence, etc.

FBA Labeling

To make sure that Amazon Warehouse receives your product successfully, our professional team will help you to meet the FBA amazon labeling Requirements by printing the standard labels.



Product Photography

We have a professional photography team that can take product pictures for you, as well as some basic product pattern designs and color changes so that you can get ready for the products easier in your online shop.

Store Operating Guidance

Our company has its own Amazon store with a professional team. If you are a green hand on Amazon, we can provide you with free store operation guidance and marketing strategy formulation. Help you develop and grow your brand.



Product Development

Growing up with customers is one of our goals. We will help you analyze and develop products based on current hot products. Such as, according to the existing products, design new styles, and colors for you; bundle the related products into one package; the last point is also important: expand product concepts and transfer its function to another product.

SA will be Your Best Freight Forwarder Partner

Express direct delivery

Express delivery directly, the logistics time is relatively fast, suitable for sellers who have high requirements for logistics timeliness. Due to the high tariffs, it is not suitable for large-volume shipments and is generally used for emergency shipments.

Air freight plus delivery

The logistics timeliness and price are relatively moderate, suitable for Amazon sellers who have certain requirements for the logistics timeliness, and the reasonable fee can be used for small batch shipments or large batches.

Sea freight plus delivery

Slow logistics and low price, suitable for large-volume stocking before e-commerce peak season. The delivery time usually takes about 1-2 months, and it only takes about 15 days for Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

Railway plus delivery

The FBA first-haul mode of rail transport is also suitable for mass stocking. The lifting capacity is 25kg and the mailing limit is smaller. At the same time, relying on its strong continuity, the logistics timeliness is more stable. The European route is the first choice for FBA’s first-haul in peak season.