our history

Our Group company was founded in 1997, which holds controlling interest of 14 subsidiaries, we are a subsidiary of Sellers Union Group, We(UNION SERVICE CO.,LTD) were founded in 2005


Development History


Dec 2020

E-commerce supply department hits record high

Under the circumstances of unfriendly foreign trade environment, E-commerce supply department performance still keeps growing, 2020 years of sales exceeded 10 millions.

Nov 2018

E-commerce supply department established

With the rapid development of e-commerce, many sellers changed their traditional trading methods to online sales, and developed their business through platforms such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. 

Jun 2016

Yiwu Best Employer of the year

Sellers Union Group also rank into “Ningbo Top 50 Private Enterprises of the year ” , continue to hold the honor of “Yiwu Best Employer of the year” and became “strategic partner” of Sinosure Ningbo.

May 2010

Sellers Union Group's Achievements

Sellers Union Group was founded, the export and import surpassed 200 million dollars, global markets reached 120 countries.

Mar 2005

Union Service was founded in Yiwu

The export and import volume achieved by Sellers Union, Market Union and Global Union surpassed 70 million dollars.

Aug 2001

The first batch of private enterprise received self-managed import-export

Sellers Union became the first batch of private enterprise received self-managed import-export right of import-export right in bonded area.Its self-managed exporting sales amount exceeded 15 million dollars.

Feb 1999

Transforms into the earliest exporter of general merchandise in Ningbo

Sellers Union has a turnover of more than 10 millon US dollars. Settles in Ningda Business Center in Xingning Road and has a staff of more than 20 people.

Jul 1997

Sellers Union registers and establishes in Ningbo

Sellers Union registers and establishes in Ningbo Free Trade Zone and the registered capital is 1.5 millon yuan.

client distribution

Europe 32%
South America
North America