The wave of blocked accounts broke out?

A large number of Amazon sellers received the warning of the ban, trembling...

Recently, a seller broke the news to #SupplyAmazon and received a warning letter from #Amazon. According to his understanding, many sellers’ accounts have been blocked! Even a seller believes that Amazon may have to “settle it after the fall.” (In addition, Amazon’s listing in this category was madly removed…) The seller said that in August last year, two products in his store were judged to be manipulative reviews. At that time, he wrote a POA (Plan of Action) and passed it.

Previously, Fakespot evaluated 720 million reviews on, and about 42% of the reviews were false reviews, up from about 36% in the same period last year. And Amazon also “angrily deleted” 20,000 fake reviews on the UK site. Amazon is very sensitive to false reviews. Once discovered, the serious consequences are direct account closures.



Recently, a large number of Amazon sellers have received video verification emails. The content of the emails stated that in order to protect the security of their accounts, sellers are required to verify their identity in order to continue selling on Amazon. The seller needs to make an appointment within 7 days of receiving the email, otherwise the identity verification will fail.

How to deal with video #verification?

Step 1: After receiving the above email, the seller will make an appointment as soon as possible for video authentication.

Step 2: After making an appointment, you will receive an email within 24 hours before the verification, which will inform you of the video verification website and the meeting number.

Note: Before the video conversation, make sure to meet the following requirements:

  1. The Internet connection is stable and reliable.
  2. The personal computer or laptop must have a Google Chrome or Mozilia Firefox browser, a microphone, and a speaker. A smartphone or tablet with a front camera is also available, but the #AmazonChime app must be installed.

Specific operation:

  1. Open AmazonChime through the link
  2. Enter the above AmazonChime meeting number in the MeetingID box.
  3. Click “Next”.
  4. Enter your name in the box below “Tellus your name”.
  5. Click “Next”

Step 3: According to the above instructions, click on the video connection to verify the relevant information

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