What is Dropshipping?


What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a cross-border e-commerce sales model without inventory. You can combine Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Wish, and Walmart platforms to deliver the goods directly to your client from your Chinese supplier without passing through your hands. The whole process does not require you to receive the goods yourself and arrange for re-transportation. As long as you have a computer, you can simply operate and see the progress of the order in real time.

Take shopify+dropshipping as an example.
Workflow: first build an independent station, and then use Facebook ads, Google ads, ins influencers, etc. to drain the site. After the order is received, your supplier to place the order, and the supplier will ship it directly your customer, you are responsible for follow-up customer service, such as logistics status inquiry/goods problems, etc., and then repeat this set of actions.

Compared with the traditional import model, what are the advantages and Shortcoming of dropshipping?


1. Low cost: You don’t need to purchase a lot of inventory before you know whether the goods can be sold smoothly. Therefore, you don’t need too much capital when starting up, and the cost is relatively low.
2. Low risk: free to advance and retreat, without the pressure of inventory, naturally there is no product that cannot be sold, and you bear the risk of inventory, so there is no too much risk of loss.
3. Free management: When you get the order, you can deliver it to the supplier through the computer for processing. You don’t need to pack and ship it yourself, just monitor the order’s performance.
4. Take the initiative: Not subject to multiple passive control by platforms such as Amazon, and the customers are all your own, follow-up email marketing can do repurchase.


1. If you have multiple products, then you need to deal with many suppliers at the same time.

So you’d better find a supplier like Supply-Amazon, which can handle any goods, Based on our rich experience, we will do the procurement work for you, find the products you most want, and provide you with valuable suggestions. Make your product selection easier, avoid risks, and seize the hot trend.

2. The return is not easy to handle. There are many reasons for the return, such as the buyer’s dissatisfaction with the product, the defective product, the lost parcel and so on.

We will optimize the supply chain for you, inspect goods, and handle after-sales service, If the goods are damaged, to a certain extent, we will arrange for re-sending and make up for it in time. Maintain the relationship between you and your customers and be responsible for your brand.

3. There are certain requirements for personal comprehensive ability, such as English proficiency / video editing / drainage ability, etc.

If you need services of videos, product introduction video clips, and artwork pictures, you can directly contact the staff of Supply-Amazon. We will give you a good quotation, our service is very professional.

4. You have invested a lot of advertising costs to get the order, but the profit of the order may not be enough to cover the advertising costs invested. Uncontrollable profit means that you have to pass a lot of orders to get a good profit.

Steps for how to do dropshipping

  1. 1.Choose a platform, And a dropshipping app to aggregate your orders to your suppliers:

Through the intelligent aggregation of platform orders, Supply-Amazon ‘s ERP system will accept your customers’ orders, and customer order information, such as the model of the purchased product, consignee, phone number, etc., will be automatically imported into the system. In this process, the seller does not need an entity. Shop, there is no need to stock up.

2.Choose high-quality sources:

No matter what cross-border e-commerce platform is used, product selection is the most important part, and Dropshipping is no exception. Sellers need to find high-quality suppliers, and comprehensively consider whether they are long-term suppliers from factors such as integrity, scale, after-sales, product quality, and inventory.

If you don’t know how to choose, the fastest way is to find products that suit you from your distribution platform.

Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Shopify and other platforms are looking for popular products. When you are ready to develop your own brand, Supply-Amazon will help you build your product brand and logo.

3.Logistics cooperation:

Courier companies play a very important role in product operations for sellers. Unstable logistics will affect the number of orders placed by consumers. Domestic suppliers rarely have mailing services abroad, so you must find a freight forwarder or directly cooperate with an international express company. If you encounter a poor-quality express company, there will be many follow-up problems, such as lost items.

Supply-Amazon not only provides high-quality products, but also guarantees logistics. The platform can issue a logistics tracking number within 24 hours; it can be delivered quickly and properly within 2-8 days, and it supports the full tracking of logistics such as FedEx, UPS, and Yanwen .

4.After-sales service:

In most cases, if the product is not too problematic, the after-sales problem is not a big problem. But when there is a problem, it must be dealt with in time. Find the corresponding person in charge to communicate where the problem occurred, but try to make the customer satisfied, even if the final transaction fails, the good after-sales service will leave a deep impression on people. Therefore, finding a supply store that is willing to cooperate with after-sales service is also the key to the continuous development of the store.

Which platforms can you choose?

Let me first understand what modes of Dropshipping can be done? Roughly divided into two types, independent stations and e-commerce platforms.

There are roughly two types, independent websites and e-commerce platforms. The e-commerce platform will bring its own traffic. As long as you open a store on it, you can get the traffic that the platform gives you, but at the same time there will be more stores selling the same as you. Products, your shop is also facing fierce competition. Although the operators of independent stations will not face too many threats from sellers of similar products, they need to do SEO to increase website traffic, or advertise on Facebook and Google.

We often call independent websites shopify, in fact Shopify is a tool for building independent stations
However Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart. Is the platform I just mentioned

If you want to know the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these platforms in more detail, see which platform you are more suitable for. You can read this article.

So when we understand the process of dropshipping and the model we can choose, how do we hand over the customer’s orders to the supplier in an orderly manner? We need some app tools:

AliExpress Dropshipping

These apps can help you process your orders intelligently and conveniently, and aggregate them to your suppliers. You can choose the one that suits you, and everything will become more convenient.

If you want to know which of these platforms is more suitable for you, please follow us and we will update it within a week. Interpret the strengths and weaknesses of different platforms in detail to help you find the most suitable method for you.


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