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Many people may encounter a problem: "It's so hard to write copy..." "Why is my ad not working well..." and so on and so forth. Copywriting is the soul of a group

of ads, and the quality of copywriting can directly affect an ad. However, copywriting is not difficult, you just need to master the following tips and you will be able 

to write copy in minutes!

At present, Facebook supports two types of ads, one is sponsored ads with the sponsored logo

Another is the right column ad that only appears on the end of the computer page. For many marketers, the latter is mostly used for remarketing

To get to the point, think about one question: Is copywriting important to advertising?


You may think that a good image or video is more attractive, but it is the copy that is the essence. The absolute two characteristics of successful advertising are persuasive and appealing, convincing customers to see your ad and calling them to take action by clicking or asking for a quote.


The following are nine suggestions:

·Use facebook targeting to narrow the audience and be small but precise


Imagine that you are advertising to a specific group of people, rather than casting a net.

Another is the right column ad that only appears on the end of the computer page. For many marketers, the latter is mostly used for remarketing

·Different advertising copy and design for different audiences' hobbies and preferences

For example, you are selling clothes, men's clothes, women's clothes, shoes, accessories, lingerie, etc. There may be demand for all of these, but most people will only be interested in a certain category. Take a look at the OLD NAVY video ad, which is aimed at young people with a passion for fitness.

·The picture you match should be able to visualize your copy
Many companies do not have artwork, especially those in the B2B sector, and do not have many pictures to go with the copy, so the relevance is too poor for the audience watching the ad to know what is going on. The text mentions "French press caffe Verona & a chocolate brownie", which is also illustrated with this coffee and brownie, so it is clear and specific, and the natural interaction is better.

Here, some small tools are recommended (try to use Google search) for companies without an artworker, Canva, Picmonkey, Pablo by Buffer. All are very good. 

·Use the CTA (Call to Action) button
A good facebook ad should definitely have a clear objective - do you want to raise brand awareness, get enquiries or sell goods?

If not, how will the customer be able to take further action. 

Here is an example of a company selling mobile phone cases, using the "Buy Now" campaign

·Less is more, simplicity is beauty


The copy focuses on two things: function and value. What use it can bring to the client and what value it generates for the client. 

Task Rabit is a company that helps clients find professionals to solve professional problems. In his advertisements, the three points are succinct: Easy to find a professional, find a professional from him and We can help you.

·Use the simplest language

It has been proven that the simpler the language, even one that can be understood at grade 5 primary school level, the more effective it is. Briefly outline: what you can offer, what benefits you can bring and what to do next. 


Sofi offers a student loan service and the copy highlights one thing: Pay off loans faster.

·Price transparency, don't hide your shame

If you are selling a physical product, the customer wants to know how much it costs, if you are doing a discount offer, the customer wants to know how much you are discounting, so use more numbers in your copy. 


Ball Honda is a car dealership and the copy is all about using numbers to tell you the value and the timeframe of the promotion. The audience for this ad is not everyone, but customers who have already visited their company website.

·Standers-by see more than gamesters


You may have published many different ad copy for each product, have you ever gone back through past copy to get a feel for what resonated with you and the urge to click on it? 


Better still, invite others, friends and colleagues from the same or even different industries, to give their opinions and ideas, or brainstorm with colleagues in other departments to see what they think, it can be very helpful.

·True knowledge comes from practice and practice begins with testing


Try writing two ad copy but using the same image or video to see how well it interacts with the customer, which version has more likes, comments, shares and conversions, for a multi-dimensional comparison. 


Post Planner uses this strategy, with one ad copy being in the form of a question and the second in the form of a statement.

In short, the only criterion for evaluating the quality of an advertisement is whether it generates sales, and as an operator, it is necessary to apply these factors flexibly.  

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