4 things you should know about Amazon FBA


What is Amazon FBA?

1. What does FBA mean?

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) means that sellers send their product inventory sold on Amazon directly to the warehouse of Amazon’s local market. When customers place an order, the Amazon system automatically completes subsequent shipments.

Three modes of Amazon shipping: In addition to FBA, there are third-party overseas warehouses and self-delivery. In this article, we will discuss Fulfillment by Amazon as the topic, but we can provide services for these three models and meet all your needs.

What you should do for FBA from China

2. What you should do for FBA from China?

First of all, what you need are a current bank account, a digital signature certificate from the agency, and vat and CST certificate.

Then tell us your target item or send reference pics to us. Later we’ll start sourcing for you, offer you competitive prices, when the order is confirmed, just send us your label draft and info, we’ll do the packaging, labeling, and ship the goods to the Amazon warehouse. As we all know, the goods’ information is crucial, don’t worry, we’ll help you make sure that your products are right packed and labeled before their arrival.

Why is it important to work with an Amazon FBA prep agency in China?

3. Why is it important to work with an Amazon FBA prep agency in China?

Some clients prefer to cooperate with the factories or manufacturers directly, let them deal with the repackaging and labeling process. For sure this can be completed, but it may take more effort.

Because most of them are not professional and don’t get an idea of what FBA is. And due to the language barriers and huge cultural differences, it may be difficult for you to communicate with Chinese suppliers, SA can help you find reliable supplies and provide you products with competitive prices and good quality.

However, we, Supply Amazon, the best one-stop FBA solution agent in China, can be your strong partner and will help you handle the order from sourcing to shipment efficiently. Just leave it all to us!

FBA Prep Service of Supply Amazon

4. FBA Prep Service of Supply Amazon

·Product Sourcing
·Sample Service
·Storage and Warehouse
·Ship Service
·Repackage Service
·Product Inspection
·FBA Labeling
·Product Photography
·Store Operation Guidance
·Product Development

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